Clean-up focus on Daffodil Bay

Vvolunteers cleaned up 100kg of rubbish from Oreti Beach last month. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

SANDY Point is set for a spruce-up as volunteers aim to make the area tidier with a clean-up event.

To be held on Saturday, July 25, at 11am, the clean-up would be hosted by Sea Society founder Sian Mair, who said it was important to tidy up.

As a popular recreational area, with people, there was rubbish, she said.

“Also I believe if people see less debris around, they’ll be less inclined to pollute themselves.”

She said, unfortunately, her previous three clean-up events in Invercargill had large amounts of rubbish collected by volunteers. At Oreti Beach last month, 100kg of rubbish was collected and included a microwave and a dismantled barbecue.

An agreement with WasteNet meant the rubbish could be disposed of for free.

“I think clean-ups are very important, it’s a great opportunity for people to come out and take pride in their community.

“It’s so important to me and to a lot of people that we take really good care of Papatuanuku. If we take care of Mother Earth, she will continue to provide for us.”

While volunteers were welcome to join, they must bring their own gloves and bags. The clean-up would focus on Daffodil Bay.Running sportsGirls Air Jordan