Close shave for charity

Three generations of the Rayner family (from left) Wayne, Gerald and Addison, had their heads shaved for Shave for a Cure at Farmers in Invercargill on Saturday.

WAYNE Rayner wasn’t expecting to get a haircut on Saturday.

In fact, he had only had one the week before.

But a bit of encouragement from the crowd and the thought of raising $250 for Shave for a Cure, changed all that at Farmers department store in Invercargill at the weekend.

It was while his son Gerald was getting his hair shaved that Wayne’s shave came about.

Wayne called out he would pay $50 for Gerald to shave his beard off.

Then Gerald called out he would pay $50 for his father to shave his hair off.

It was then an auction started in the shop, with $250 reached if Wayne crumbled at the peer pressure.

He did.

Wayne reluctantly agreed but settled on a number two shave as he had a wedding to go to this weekend.

About six people volunteered to let the ladies from Vamp shear their locks during the two-hour session.

Farmers employee and Shave a Cure event organiser Tania Rayner, wife of Gerald, daughter-in-law of Wayne and mother of Addison (9), who also got an undercut on the day, said the event was normally for Farmers’ bigger stores.

“Because we had such great support down here (in the past) and so much enthusiasm they
decided to keep doing it with us in Invercargill.’’

For Addison, it was all about joining in with dad.

“Because Daddy was doing it for a good cause I wanted to get it done with him.’’

As of Sunday, about $6234 had been raised for Shave for a Cure at the store through raffles, sponsors of the shaves and customer donations made at the till.

Raffles would still continue to be sold in the store until May 26.