Community detention for assault at rest-home

Invercargill District Court.

A MAN who punched a woman at an old people’s home was just trying to teach her a lesson after she stole from his car, the man told police after the incident.

Karl Jackson appeared for sentence before Judge Duncan Harvey in the Invercargill District Court on Tuesday for assaulting the 65-year-old woman on January 5, as well as five charges of offering to supply cannabis, three of offering to supply methamphetamine and one charge of possession of a cannabis plant.

The drugs charges are representative relating to text message information police obtained after a search warrant was executed last year.

In the summary of facts read out by Judge Harvey, it says from the start of April to August last year, the man sent about 200 text messages offering cannabis and methamphetamine for sale.

The assault charge took part at a rest-home after Jackson accused the woman of stealing items from his car.

“You punched her twice to the head using a closed fist before a witness intervened and restrained you.”

The woman suffered minor injuries and did not need medical attention, Judge Harvey said.

Defence counsel Olivia Taylor said Jackson had trouble making the usual connections other people made.

At the time police arrested him on the drugs matters, Jackson said he was just working to help friends out connecting buyers with sellers.

Judge Harvey said under normal circumstances he would not accept the explanation it was “older, wiser, more evil” people behind Jackson’s offending but in this case he did.

In reference to that, the judge gave a direction before sentencing that his decision was never to be used as a precedent for sentencing on similar matters.

Judge Harvey told Jackson the people he was dealing with were not his friends.

“They were using you and you need to understand very clearly that you can’t talk about these sorts of people as friends.”

He pointed out that methamphetamine caused an extreme amount of misery in the community.

“Being part of that supply chain you added to that misery.”

Judge Harvey sentenced Jackson to six months’ community detention and ordered him to pay emotional harm reparation of $500.

He did not sentence him to supervision as he said Jackson was already being supervised by mental health providers.