Country Radio FM turns 20 and tunes into new frequency

Country Radio FM host Brian ‘‘Scotty’’ Scott has changed the station’s frequency for the first time in 12 years. It is now 107.3 FM.

IN conjunction with celebrating 20 years of riding the Invercargill air waves, Country Radio FM is changing its frequency for the first time in 12 years.

Brian “Scotty” Scott began Country Radio FM in 2002 with a lowpower frequency, and in 2009 bought a licence that gave the station coverage of rural Southland.

The licence had to be renewed in 2022 and, as such, the frequency has been changed to 107.3, coming down in power from its previous frequency but still maintaining a decent coverage of the region.

Broadcasting from the State Insurance building in Invercargill, the shift in frequency was due to the ongoing costs of maintaining the highpower frequency, though Scotty said Country Radio would continue to deliver the best sound around.

The frequency change has coincided with Scotty’s 20th year of hosting the show, which has proved popular with listeners from as far away as Russia and Ireland.

Scotty said he had received emails from fans who had discovered the station while travelling New Zealand and continued to stream it in their home countries.

“In that time we have had quite a few announcers come and go, and it was a pleasure having them aboard,” he said.

“It’s been a pleasure giving you our music over all these years and we will continue and endeavour to spread our coverage when finances are available.”

Country Radio FM will continue to be available over the internet, with broadcasting remaining the same on

The station also has Lignite 88.3FM with Charley and Eunice joining the broadcast during the week, who will continue playing their music and offer a greater variety of tunes.