Couple meets a need in rural community

The Gofer owners Kelvin Cormac and Janelle Davison occasionally take their boxer dogs Bella and Bindi out on farming jobs.

WINTON couple Janelle Davison and Kelvin ‘‘Rocky’’ Cormac are jacks of all trades when it comes to farming.

The duo started their business, The Gofer, about eight months ago, acting as relief staff for struggling farmers.

Mr Cormac said the concept of the business began when he was working as a stock truck dispatcher.

‘‘I was talking to farmers every day and they would always be talking about having no staff and how they were struggling to pick things up because they had no-one to mind their farms. So I went home one day and said, ‘maybe I’ll go farming fulltime’.’’

His partner Ms Davison also jumped on board with the idea and between the two of them they had 40 years’ experience in dairy, sheep and deer farming.

‘‘We’ve always had our hand in farming,’’ Ms Davison said.

‘‘We enjoy being in wide open spaces because it is quite often we stop in places and go wow… it’s so beautiful.’’

They helped farmers with a range of jobs including fencing and calf rearing to helping them shift from one location to another.

They had a group of clientele who they catered to and often travelled to small, remote areas such as Wendon, Wallacetown and Wairio.

‘‘Sometimes we take the caravan out to the paddocks to mind people’s farms.’’

Their two Boxer dogs, Bella and Bindi, occasionally tagged along with them on jobs, Mr Cormac said.

‘‘Usually when we do farm minding we go and tend to people’s farms and we take the girls along with us.’’

They were booked out for Easter this year as people were wanting to get away for the holidays but it was great to know they were meeting a need, he said.

‘‘There is a huge staff shortage out there and with what we are doing it has really filled the gap for the people.

‘‘A lot of people have rung us and we have been able to help out — but there is never a dull moment.’’