Electric bike meeting successful

Along for the Ride: Pete Jefcoate from Mobile Bike Servicing speaks about bike parts and how to check to see if they are well maintained, at the 2NZEF Club on Thursday night.

WAIHOPAI City Lions Club organisers were pleased with the outcome of their first electric bike group meeting in Invercargill.

The social gathering was created to inform cyclists of road safety rules and to talk about how the bikes functioned and how to maintain them.

It also addressed questions cyclists may have about the bikes.

The two speakers who addressed people’s questions at the 2NZEF Club last Thursday, were Pete Jefcoate, of Mobile Bike Servicing, and police senior constable Rosie Marchant, who is an avid cyclist.

Cycling Southland’s new manager, Tony Hammington, was also there.

Lions club secretary Rodger Millar said more than 30 people attended the function.

“We were very chuffed with the turnout and the comments were all positive.

“A lot of people have showed an interest because a lot go biking by themselves, so I think we have met a need by providing a group where cyclists can chat to each other.”

The group had plans to go biking in two weeks’ time and will continue to cycle on the first Saturday of the month.

Cyclist Bill Blakie, who has ridden his electric bike for about 25 years, said he used his bike about five or six times a week to get to work and back.

“I’ve been trying to encourage people to bike for years because I have found it very beneficial for myself. Electric biking makes everything easier and you don’t have to worry about petrol.

“It’s enjoyable all the time, you run the motor and pedal along with it, so you pedal faster.”