Family visits namesake hotel site

Alison Langlands Joyce (left), Vivienne Clarence and Jocelyn Hurring visiting the site where will be the future The Langlands Hotel in Invercargill. Photo: Luisa Girao

THE family of William Langlands are “overwhelmed” a new hotel in Invercargill will have their family name.

The architect and Justice of the Peace played an important role in the city during the mid-1800s when the city was being established.

Nearly 170 years later, his great-great-great grandchildren Alison Langlands Joyce (59), Jocelyn Hurring (64) and Vivienne Clarence (62) visited the city to the site of where the new Langlands Hotel will be built.

Alison lives in Beaumont while Jocelyn and Vivienne live in Dunedin and Christchurch, respectively.

“I think he would be very proud and honoured with this achievement,” Vivienne said.

Vivienne said they had a strong family history, including photographs, documents and a timeline of all Langlands members. She described her great-great-great grandfather as a creative and ambitious entrepreneur, who had a passion for people.

“He was not afraid to speak his mind and wanted to do well for his family and his community.” Alison said the family still had that in common.

“Everybody has a community spirit and I believe we have this strong connection with him.”

Invercargill Licensing Trust’s chairman Alan Dennis shows the plans for the Langlands’ hotel to the family.

She also said in all generations they have a girl named after Alison, William’s wife.

During their visit to Invercargill, they also met Invercargill Licensing Trust chairman Alan Dennis and chief executive Chris Ramsay.

Mr Dennis allowed them a private look at the plans for the new hotel.


“It’s a honour to have them here. This makes our project even more real,” Mr Dennis said.

The hotel is expected to be completed on October 27, 2021 – one day before Vivienne’s 65th birthday.

She wants to celebrate the date with a big family reunion at the new hotel.

Mr Ramsay said it would be great if her party was one of the first functions at the hotel.

“We always wanted to celebrate William Langlands’ achievement and history. It will be a nod to the past.”Sport mediaGifts for Runners