Farmers to help insulate hospital

Bales4Blair co-founder Amy Blaikie's children Josh (8) and Caitlyn Blaikie (5) at Otago Wool Brokers/Taieri Wool & Skin in Mosgiel. Photo: Supplied

FROM shaved heads to shaved sheep, the latest fundraiser for the Southland Charity Hospital involves bales of wool turned into insulation and carpet.

Bales4Blair was started by three Southland and Otago farmers.

Slopedown sheep farmer Amy Blaikie pitched an idea to friends Brooke Cameron and Sarah Dooley, farmers from Eastern Southland.

To help support the Southland Charity Hospital (SCH), the idea was to get bales of wool donated from southern farmers to be made into carpet and insulation for the hospital building and the rest auctioned off to support it financially.

“I’ve been pushing for the Government to change some of their procurement policies and get woollen insulation and carpet into government buildings… I thought, start it at home’,” Ms Blaikie said.

As they were buying a brick for the hospital through its fundraiser, they wanted to come up with an idea how, as farmers, they could support it.

“I’m hoping I will never have to use it but we all know someone who has been touched by cancer.”

Farmers from throughout New Zealand were able to donate any full bales of wool, fleece or bellies and pieces, and it would be sorted into lines at New Zealand Wool Scouring factories.

Any wool not used for the building would be auctioned, with the proceeds going to the hospital; 200 bales were needed to cover the building’s insulation but several thousand bales would be needed in total.

Bales4Blair started last week and would continue until January.

“We know people aren’t all shearing now or haven’t got it in their woolsheds.”

SCH general manager Helen Robinson said it was a wonderful campaign.

  • To find out more, go to the Bales4Blair Facebook page or contact a wool broker.

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