Fostering a passion for poetry


A BOOK of love has been created.

Amelia Fernandez has a passion to write, with poetry one of her favourite genres.

Born and brought up in India, Amelia moved to Invercargill at the age of 7 with her parents, Rani and Jimson, and younger brother in 2016.

A pupil at Middle School, Rani explained how Amelia was “very passionate about writing, drawing and painting”.

So much, that it seemed the ideal gift for her 10th birthday was to create a book of her poems, which her mother named Petrichor after the earthy scent produced when the first rain falls on dry soil after long, warm weather.

“This Petrichor is the first book that was born from a little girl’s imaginations…”

Jimson, an artist and writer, designed the cover page with a girl with a blazing red umbrella walking along a raised wooden path through a forest, with Rani organising the layout of the 14 poems as a surprise birthday gift for Amelia.

As well as a number of printed copies of the book, Rani also organised for the book to be printed on Amazon so Amelia’s grandparents and family in India could read it online.

The result, is the book is now available in 12 countries, Rani said.

“And a portion of each sale will go to charity.”

Asked what inspires her to write so prolifically, Amelia said “when I am doing something, it just pops in my brain.”

As the book was presented to Amelia at her school during assembly, some of her school mentors also wrote words of encouragement in the front of her book.

Southern Institute of Technology CEO Penny Simmonds summed up Amelia’s mature view of the world in the book’s foreword.

“Amelia’s poems show a wonderful passion and care for the world around her, which is especially outstanding to see in a girl who is just turning 10.”

Already, Amelia has another project in mind – a story book of about 16 chapters, which will be illustrated by her dad, she said.Running sportsEntrainement Nike