Future looking bright at Rimu

Rimu Full Primary School principal Kate Webster overlooks artist Jemima Pedro working with pupils (from left) Macy (10), Saige (10), Cayden (12) and Liam (11) to create a mural for the community area of the school.

THE past, present and future of a Southland school’s community is being captured with plenty of colour and creativity.

Dunedin artist Jemima Pedro spent six months as an artist in residence at Rimu Full Primary School, helping pupils paint a mural.

Principal Kate Webster said the aim of the project was to build pupils’ knowledge “of kura’s whakapapa and community values through co-constructing a visual representation of Rimu’s school community that will stand the test of time”.

The new mural would replace the old one painted by a member of the Newell family, a prominent artist in the local community, which had since rotted and had to be pulled down.

“Whatever we put up, it needed to represent our community in a holistic way and needed to represent our past… and the future generations.”

She said all pupils at the school were part of the project.

Pedro said the mural would be something the pupils would be able to look back on with pride and she hoped the new mural became “loved as much” as the older one.

“It was a huge collaborative exercise.

“We are aiming for bright colours, we are aiming for a proof that the kids have been involved because it is the kids’ mural ultimately and it is my job to consolidate it all and make sure it looks nice at the end of it.

“It is all about them being able to come and look at the mural and in 10 years’ time at their school reunion they can look and say: I painted that and I’m really proud’.”

The mural was expected to be completed next month.Running SneakersAIR MAX PLUS