Ghostly mischief spooks city cafe

Nichol's Garden Cafe owner Rebecca Stevenson shares her cafe with "Fred".

FLOATING objects and early morning footsteps may sound like something from a Stephen King novel, but staff at an Invercargill cafe will tell you their experience is not fiction.

Often alone baking in the early hours, Nichol’s Garden Cafe owner Rebecca Stevenson said she had come to terms with sharing her cafe with “Fred”, a possible entity of the supernatural kind.

While she was not scared by his heel-toe-heel footsteps or the smell of his cigarettes, one experience left her spooked.

It was early morning and she had gone in as usual to bake the cafe’s goods, when a noise made her glance up the closed-off stairs shadow of tailored trousers and feet.

Fred got his name from one of the building’s previous occupants research into the building found the home had been owned by the Price family. Frederick Augustus Price bought the Lynwood Homestead in 1914.

Ms Stevenson was not the only one to have experienced the odd goings-on.

Garden centre staff held mixed views about Fred’s “ghostly” existence, but several believed in him after experiences with floating candles and flying giftware they said they saw.

One staff member, who did not wish to be named, said it seemed he did not like Christmas, and had a hard time dealing with new managers.

There was “no rhyme or reason” as to when Fred would make his presence known, but when he did she would “just stand there and sayRunning sport mediaAir Jordan 5 (V) Original – OG White / Black – Fire Red