Giving Fiordland’s felines a loving home

Lynette Todd, of Te Anau, has run the Fiordland Cat Rescue for many years.

HUNDREDS of felines have passed through the doors of Lynette Todd’s Fiordland Cat Rescue, as she works to find each one a home.

Ms Todd began looking after the area’s cats a couple of years ago.

Her rescue was formed as a response to a “heap” of cats and kittens in Te Anau’s centre, where she said the feral population was pretty bad.

“There were people complaining and then people were wanting someone to do something.”

So, she and a friend worked to trap them all.

“Now people bring cats to me.”

The cats which have a friendlier streak are put in to foster homes.

While the wilder cats might need a few years in her cattery before they could be rehomed, she said.

Her plan was initially to get all the cats from town homed, but she now wanted to give all cats which come her way a chance, she said.

“People keep asking me, you going to do this forever’?”

While Ms Todd works full time, she hoped for the rescue to one day become a charitable trust.

She hoped this would help with options, particularly with resources.

“I’d love to rent a bigger area to care for the cats. I’m at limit right now.”

Volunteers were always welcome, as extra hands helped with the number of cats she cared for, which was presently the most she had ever had.

  • For more information, go to the Fiordland Cat Rescue Facebook page.