Inaugural Skate Jam ready to roll this weekend

Scott McMillan practises for the Skate South Skate Jam to be held at the Invercargill Skate Park on Saturday. Photo: Supplied

SKATE South is ready to hold its first event, a skate, BMX, scooter and rollerblade jam/competition at the Invercargill Skate Park in Ness St this Saturday.

The event will run from 8.30am-4pm, featuring open and under-16 skate sections for boys and girls, ending with a best trick feature.

Skate South was created last year to raise awareness for the need for an indoor skatepark in Southland.

The group’s main motivation was to create a space where youth could spend time with others, exercise and have fun, regardless of the weather.

Organiser James Todd said there was a major lack of activities for youth over the cooler months in Southland, so a venue where children and adults could socialise, challenge themselves, and stay active, was invaluable.

“Saturday’s event is an awesome way for people of all ages to show off their skills and I can’t wait to see everybody have fun on the day. It is also a massive opportunity to get people into the sport that haven’t been exposed to it before, as we are encouraging family and friends and anyone else who wishes to come along and watch the event.

“We will have a spare parts bin, which skaters and BMX riders have been asked to donate to, so people that are wanting to get into any of the sports can utilise some free parts.

“The event will also create a better sense of community between everyone that uses the skatepark, knowing that there is a group dedicated to serving the needs of skatepark users.”

Having more people become introduced to the sport was great for the community, as it gave youth, especially, something to do, and skateboarding, BMX, scootering and roller skating all required commitment, dedication, patience and trust in yourself, he said.

“All these sports are also great for mental health and get kids off gadgets and back into the outdoors. We are hoping to introduce ourselves properly at the event to gain leverage towards getting a new indoor skatepark.

“Getting our youth off social media, phones and back into the community, socialising and doing exercise is so important.”

Entry to the event is free and there will be food and beverage vendors on site, a barbecue, prizes and music.

The event is supported by the Community Wellbeing Fund, Hyper Ride, Battery Skate Co Pavement,, and Service Denim Store.

For more information, find Skate South on Facebook and Instagram.

Open rollerblade: 8.30am-9am (three 5-minute heats)
Open scooter: 9am-9.30am (three 5-minute heats)
Open BMX: 9.30am-11am (five 5-minute heats, then one 10-minute final heat)
Skate warm up/opportunity for everyone to ride: 11am-11.30am
Under-16 boys’ skate: 11.30am-noon (three 5-minute heats, then one 5-minute heat)
Under-16 girls’ skate: Noon-12.30pm (three 5-minute heats, then one 5-minute heat)
Lunch break: 12.30pm-1.30pm
Open men’s skate: 1.30pm-2.30pm (depending on numbers, 10-12 5-minute heats)
Open men’s final: 2.30pm-3.30pm
Best trick: 3.30pm-4pm
Prizegiving: 4pm

  • Lindsay Beer, on behalf of Skate South