Input sought for gaming space

Gamers Richard Inns and Scarlett Rugers with some magic cards.

DO you think Invercargill needs a gaming space?

Friends and passionate gamers Richard Inns and Scarlett Rugers think it does – and they are seeking input about what others would like to see.

“I moved here from Melbourne where we had many gaming stores and spaces where you just go and hang out with your friends. When I came here I saw there are no places like that in town, and I’m sure there are other people like us who would like to see a gaming space here,” Miss Rugers said.

“At the moment we are figuring out what Invercargill wants. We are running a survey to get those answers – what games they play, what they would like to learn and what they want in a games store. Everyone can give us feedback until December 1 at By filling out the survey, they can go into the draw to win a copy of Destiny ,” she said.

Mr Inns said, in the past, Invercargill had some gaming cafes, but they would like to open a space for trading card gaming, virtual reality and classic console gaming.

“Things like virtual reality, people don’t really have in their home because it is expensive, so this would be the place where everything will be set up, they can come, rent it and play,” he said.

Miss Rugers said the gaming space would have a shop where people could buy magic cards and trading cards.

“We are also looking at running events where people will come and play specific types of games,” she said.

“Spaces like this are often found in larger cities, but there is no reason why it wouldn’t work here. It will be cool,” Mr Inns said.Best Authentic SneakersArchives des Sneakers