Kind gesture warms hearts

Lindisfarne Methodist Church member Raewyn Birss. Photo: Sanda Jukic

WOOLLEN scarves and hats are being left around the city for anyone who needs them.

Lindisfarne Methodist Church member Raewyn Birss is the driving force behind the idea.

“The inspiration came from a post I found on social media. It was the story about a lady in America who knitted scarves and hung them around the city with a little note. I thought that was such a fabulous idea,” Mrs Birss said.

An outreach group within Lindisfarne Methodist Church agreed, and now about 30 people were knitting scarves and hats which were left around the city.

Mrs Birss said there were people in the community who were in need, so members of the church saw this as one way they could help.

“In some areas in the city we will leave more scarves and hats because we feel there is a bigger need.

“Anybody who is cold can take one, whether they are rich or poor, or they have forgotten their scarf or hat that day. Visitors who haven’t dressed warmly enough for our climate, students, elderly people – anybody is welcome to take them.”

If other people wanted to get involved they were welcome to knit scarves or hats and take them, or donate wool to the church, she said.

“We said to people who are knitting to knit a scarf they would be happy to wear themselves.”

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