Lego buffs to show off their creations

Lego Users Group South secretary Gavin Evans wants attendees of this weekend’s Southland Brickshow in Invercargill to name the dragon he has built.

HUNDREDS of thousands of Lego bricks have been built into extraordinary models for this weekend’s Lego Users Group (LUG) South Southland Brickshow.

In fact so much so, the medical condition “Lego thumbs”, was now an affliction for many members who had spent countless hours preparing for the event.

“It’s mostly the thumbs pushing in the pieces so we end up with sore thumbs with indentations,” LUG South secretary Gavin Evans said.

More than 120 members make up the LUG South organisation and they really enjoyed sharing their hobby with the community as well as raising money for charity.

In the past the club had donated more than $30,000 to different local charities, he said.

“For the last three or four years I’ve gone down on Christmas Day or Christmas Eve to the children’s ward [at Southland Hospital] to give Lego to all the kids that are there,” he said.

This year’s brickshow would be slightly different from previous ones, due to Covid-19.

The pandemic meant there would be no free play for attendees with the heightened risk of the virus spreading, and it would be slightly smaller than usual, he said.

Despite this, there would still be an opportunity for people to see the amazing creations at the exhibit.

The marked increase in popularity of Lego reality television programmes had actually been a really positive influence on the public.

“There are people who have been building secretly at home for years, who have now come out of the closet,” Mr Evans said.

The club was affiliated to Lego and was able to buy bricks directly from the company once a year. This sees the club order about 180kg of bricks.

LUG South was always on the lookout for new members. Anyone interested could email Mr Evans at lugsouth@gmail.

  • LUG South Southland Brickshow, ILT Stadium Southland, Saturday and Sunday, November 7 and 8, 10am-4pm. Entry $2 per person.

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