Meeting to gauge interest in forming electric bike group

Waihopai Lions Club secretary Rodger Millar takes his electric bike for a ride near the reserve on Clyde St.

Proposals to form an electric bike group are at the front of the minds of some Waihopai Lions Club members.

A meeting to gauge the interest of the public will be held in the upstairs room of Invercargill City Library this Saturday at 10.30am.

Lions club secretary Rodger Millar said the gathering would welcome input from the public on suggestions of how the group can run.

‘‘We are looking for interest and need a range of bikers with different skills who are learners, intermediate and experienced.’’

The main intention for starting up the group was to share knowledge and grow an electric bike community, he said.

‘‘We know electric bikes are becoming more popular and it is more technical than the normal bike.

‘‘We think it can also be a good group for people to create connections and go out for a pedal together.’’

There were incidents where members of the older generation had accidents with their electric bikes.

‘‘I’ve heard of people buying them when they are retired and having accidents because they tend to go quite fast and end up falling off and injuring themselves.’’

The group would teach others how to safely ride their bikes with caution, he said.

If people were interested but could not attend the meeting they could send an email to