Men’s health in spotlight in Te Anau

Men's Muster Te Anau keynote speakers Kees Meeuws (left) and Sir Graham Henry speak to attendees at the event held at the Fiordland Community Events Centre on Saturday.

FOSTERING the awareness of men’s health and well-being to become a better bloke was the main aim of the inaugural Te Anau Men’s Muster held last week.

Three Te Anau residents, Callum Bruce, Dawn Farrell and Sam McBride, were the key organisers of the event.

They formed the Muster Te Anau Charitable Trust – set up to help develop future events in the Fiordland area.

Mr McBride said 23 attended the three-day event with another 12 joining in at the weekend.

A few tables of Te Anau residents boosted numbers at the Fiordland Feast gala dinner held on Saturday night.

“Most of the attendees were from Christchurch south, but we did have a group of six from a car dealership in the Hawke’s Bay,” he said.

“We were extremely lucky to get some funding from the Regional Growth Fund for new events in Fiordland, as well as generous funding from many organisations, businesses and individuals.”

The organisers’ aim was to use as many Te Anau businesses as possible for the services and activities required for the event, while also encouraging visitors who came to take part to spend money in the town.

“We always had the policy of trying to spend our dollar in Te Anau first,” he said.

The main speakers were health coach and ex-Radio Sport host Kent Johns who emceed the event and spoke to the group on the Friday evening, clinical psychologist Chris Skellett who talked about work/life balance and Crusaders nutritionist Conrad Goodhew, who spoke about the four pillars of health.

“We were also lucky to have Graham Henry and Kees Meeuws, who spoke twice during the Saturday, about building strong communities of blokes as well as their own health struggles along the way,” Mr McBride said.

Many participants were pushed to their limits trying new things while experiencing the beautiful surroundings, he said.

“Many guys have assured us they will be back next year, with bigger teams.”