Mystery shed to entice tour-goers

Invercargill Menz Shed member Ken Bowie (left) gives Southland Boys' High School pupils Max Callahan (13, centre) and Peter Devery (14) an inside look at one of the sheds set to feature in next month's 20th Menz Shed Blokes' and Sheds Mystery Bus Tour.

ATTENDEES are in for a real treat at the 20th and possibly final journey of the Invercargill Menz Shed Blokes’ and Sheds Mystery Bus Tour, member Ken Bowie says.

A Southlander’s shed, which had never been shown on the tour before let alone to the public, is set to give shed fans an experience like no other on Sunday, September 13.

“It’s something totally out of left field compared to previous tours,” Mr Bowie said.

The owner of the shed, who would remain anonymous to keep the mystery alive, had been collecting sporting-related items for about 45 years.

While organisers wanted to remain tight-lipped about what was in store for the tour, they could expect to bear witness to what was suggested to be “one of the most comprehensive collections of rugby memorabilia in Australasia”, he said.

Mr Bowie said there would be five sheds on the tour from Invercargill to Bluff with varying themes.

As it did every year, the tour aimed to raise money for Southland Boys’ High School, he said.

When Mr Bowie started the tour 20 years ago, he did so to raise funds for his own son to go on one of the school’s trips.

“It was only ever going to be a one-off.”

All these years later, he never expected it would still be running.

From vintage cars to toy collections, hundreds of Southlanders had been along for the journey.

Sadly, however, this year would potentially be the last one, he said.

With so many tours, there were few sheds left to visit in the district, which meant the tour was running out of options, he said.

When the tours first started, there were about three to four bus loads of attendees each time.

Now, they were struggling to fill two, he said.

“There may be an opportunity for us to take it in a different direction like the rural tour we ran about 10 years ago.

“It would be good for someone to step up [into the role].”Sports brandsnike fashion