Mystery surrounds wedding party photo


DO you know these people?

Hannah Hawkins, of hannah’s powder room, (pictured) with a photo of a bridal party thought to have been taken in the early part of last century in the former Roman Catholic Convent guest room in Winton.

Hannah and her husband, Adam, now own the convent, and Hannah has converted the guest room into hannah’s powder room.

The bygone immense Winton Roman Catholic Church, which was demolished, was formerly next to the convent, so it is probable the convent’s guest room would have been a convenient place to rest before or after a wedding ceremony… maybe to calm pre-wedding nerves.

Dressed in their finery, the wedding party are enjoying a morning or afternoon tea.

Hannah would be grateful to know who the people in the photo were, as the photo resided in the converted guest room, and it would be nice to know their names, she said.

If anyone had any information, Hannah can be contacted on 027 968 3589.bridgemediaNike