Neighbourly project


SOUTH Alive has given people in its neighbourhood an opportunity to connect with their neighbours.

An Over The Fence session was held at The Hub in South City last Sunday for those interested to come together and figure out strategies to help connect people.

South Alive community development co-ordinator Nikki Aaron said the session was “really productive”.

Over The Fence had been designed to encourage people to connect with their neighbours, and the next session would be held tomorrow at 11am, she said.

Each member of the group made suggestions and lists were made about everyone’s favourite places, whether it be for shopping, food outlets, services and resources, community places or arts and recreation facilities, before the main ones were plotted on a map of Invercargill.

“It’s amazing once you write down everything you realise just how much we have here.”

“Eventually we want to put together a photo-based book of the places people love or think are important around South Invercargill,” she said.

“There are so many possibilities… parks, walks, restaurants, public facilities, supermarkets, medical facilities, and so on.”

Ms Aaron said the book, and a muffin mix pack from The Pantry, would be available for people to share with their neighbours when new people moved into their neighbourhood.

“The ones that make the map, we will then take photos of the places and put them into a booklet which can be used as a tool to introduce ourselves to new people in the neighbourhood.

“It will include important places and places they might want to know about.”

Over The Fence, South Alive The Hub. Tomorrow, 11am. Free. Light snacks and refreshments provided.