New ES website makes reporting pests easier

Catching pest: Environment Southland biosecurity and biodiversity manager Ali Meade says the recently launched Pest Hub is working well. PHOTO: LAURA SMITH

ALMOST 140 pest species are listed on the new Environment Southland (ES) Pest Hub website to help residents identify and control unwanted species in the region.

ES biosecurity and biodiversity manager Ali Meade said the recently launched resource was created as a simple and interactive tool to help Southlanders know what pest species were in the area, as well as what they looked like and how to contact Environment Southland about them.

“We launched the new Pest Management Plan last year and it was a really good time to re-look at our website and make sure the information was up to date and relevant.”

It was based on the award-winning Northland Regional Council website; she said they were able to share the thinking behind that website but focus the Southland Pest Hub on Southland pest species.

So far, people had said they were really liking the website, she said.

“We want to get as many people using it as possible… we’ve had a couple of reports come through to the team of people using it so it seems to be accessible.”

A search of pests listed could be narrowed down by animals, insects, plants, marine, diseases or freshwater as well as by management programme.

“I think it’s a lot easier to understand than the other website, I like the fact people can automatically report from the site.”

Another benefit to the website was any changes could easily be made and updated.

She said they encouraged people to try it out.

“We’re always trying to find ways of improving it as well, so if anything is not clear or people want more information, let us know because we can make it better.”Best Nike SneakersNike News