New initiative to help Southland parents delay teen drinking


SCHOOL’s out and the Christmas party season is upon us, followed closely by the summer party season.

This can mean increased opportunities for teens to drink can help.

The Plan is a new initiative being rolled out in Invercargill which aims to support parents to delay drinking and reduce alcohol related risk to their teens.

It encourages and supports parents to stick with it’ and provides information on parents’ legal responsibilities and the importance of express consent.

person starts drinking alcohol, the more likely it is that they will go on to drink harmfully in their late teens and adult life,WellSouth health promotion specialist Bridget Rodgers said.

drinking is declining in young people, data from the emergency department at Southland hospital indicates risky drinking behaviours, such as binge drinking, are still a part of our culture, especially among youth.

After its Invercargill pilot, The Plan will be rolled out across the Southern region in the new year. It is a joint initiative led by WellSouth and Public Health South (SDHB) and supported by ILT, Police and James Hargest College.

Resources are being distributed through bottle stores and will also be promoted via social media.

Resources for parents are available from selected bottle-stores in Invercargill or from DesignPatike – Nike Air Jordan, Premium, Retro Klasici, Sneakers