Newborns to keep cosy


IN an effort to keep newborn babies warm this winter, one Southland woman decided to join forces with an Invercargill bank to support Southland Hospital’s neo-natal unit.

An experienced knitter, Ingrid Lindsay, of Invercargill, decided to form the N-EWE-B Stick Chicks, a group of three women who wanted to offer their skills and support to the neo-natal unit.

After asking the nurses at the unit what knitted items would be most useful, Mrs Lindsay came up with a plan to give newborns something to take home from the hospital, she said.

“I’ve been giving knitting away for a year and a half, but when I spoke to the nurses at the hospital, they said they would be very grateful for singlets, hats, booties, and cot quilts.”

Although the N-EWE-B Stick Chicks were ready and willing to get knitting, the cost of getting hold of decent wool was a stretch, she said.

“I approached the local SBS about what we were doing and three weeks later, they gifted us this big basket of super wash merino wool.

“The team there were so delighted to gift us the wool and I have to acknowledge how grateful we are for their genuine, sincere generosity.”

She said she couldn’t believe how kind they had been.

“They’re always trying to do something, even if it’s just a small thing to help the community.

While they’ve only just started, the basket of wool would keep them knitting for six months, she said.short url linkNike