Orphans Aid fun fundraiser

Orphans Aid International op-shop manager Kathryn Casey and Southern Institute of Technology programmes operations manager Robyn Te Maiharoa alongside the children's fort which was donated to Orphans Aid International to raise funds towards the purchase of a van.

A CHARITY which helps people locally and overseas has been donated a child’s outdoor fort to be auctioned.

Orphans Aid International op-shop manager Kathryn Casey said she had asked Southern Institute of Technology (SIT) staff for an object to be donated towards the charity’s van fundraiser, and was pleasantly surprised to be offered the substantial fort.

“They have been so supportive over the years so I thought I would approach them… I was thinking of a child’s playhouse to raffle at Christmas-time so was delighted when we were offered the fort,” Mrs Casey said.

SIT programmes operations manager Robyn Te Maiharoa said one of the trades and technology tutors, Ross Anderson, came up with the idea to donate a fort after four students, who were also builder’s apprentices, each made one as part of their block course to compete in last year’s New Zealand Certified Builders Apprentice Challenge.

“Each year there was a different project for the challenge, with this year’s one building a high-spec outdoor table and bench seating,” Mr Te Maiharoa said.

As the four forts had already been donated to preschools in Southland and Wanaka, Mr Anderson built another one for the charity.

Mrs Casey said proceeds from the sale of the fort would go towards purchasing a van.

“We need a van for the shop to deliver furniture, especially as we have a lot of people, in particular students, who buy furniture but don’t have the means to transport it to their homes.”

The fort can be viewed at the Orphans Aid International charity shop in Spey St. A silent auction is currently under way.

“People are welcome to come in to the shop, have a look at the fort and register their bid.”

Mrs Casey said although the fort was really appreciated, the charity still needed more funds for the van and was looking at other ventures, and would be keen to hear from any potential sponsors.Nike Sneakers【近日発売予定】 ナイキ エアマックス97 ネオン – スニーカーウォーズ