Paint by numbers

Artist Esther Libeau invites members of the public to "Help Paint Our Mural" at The Pantry in South City.

BEAUTIFUL tui, flowers and foliage cover the back wall of a room in The Pantry in South City.

All it needed now was for people to help “colour it in”, artist Esther Libeau, who has drawn the outlines of the larger-than-life images of New Zealand-based nature, said.

Based on a Paint By Numbers-style mural, Libeau used a projector to draw the image’s outlines.

This was her fourth commission, she said, with previous murals produced in the South Alive Community ArtSpace last year where the public were invited to take part in, The Pantry’s outdoor container on Grace St where school children were invited to help out earlier this year, and a colouring-in event in Te Anau.

The paint and materials for the mural had been supplied by Resene with a focus on The Pantry and South Alive colours, Libeau said.

“It has also meant it will be easier for people to colour in… as they have been given a set of colours to match up.

“Although this mural has been a bit more restrictive [in the colour palate], it is also different, but fun to colour in.”

The Pantry, a community-owned bulk food store and cafe, had been expanding and with the opening of a back room, the rear wall looked a bit bland, South Alive community hub project manager Janette Malcolm said.

So the mural had been drawn to add vibrant colour.

“Everyone was warmly invited to help paint the wall.”

The mural painting will take place over the next two Saturdays, 11am-2pm. People just need to turn up.

Those interested needed to be 13 years old or older, However, replica designs had also been printed for those under 13 who may want to take something home to colour in, Libeau said.

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