Plans move forward

Menz Shed chairman and South Invercargill Rotary Club member Graham Sycamore (left) with Menz Shed committee members Ken Bowie and Peter Bailey repair the floor in the shed. Photo: Sanda Jukic

THE Invercargill Menz Shed at 34 Forth St will be officially opened soon.

Menz Shed will bring men together to share their skills, have a laugh and to work on individual or community projects.

Menz Shed chairman Graham Sycamore said although the official opening of the shed was planned for July, the group needed tools for use in the shed.

“We are hoping people will donate us spare, redundant machinery” and tools, especially those used in woodworking and engineering.

“Everything from saws, chisels, hammers (and) drills to safety glasses, brooms and shovels is needed, as well as some old tools for display.”

Committee member Peter Bailey said there was a lot of interest from people wanting to become a member.

“We are lucky down here as we are a good, tight community, which works well together. Whoever wants to become a member can contact us or come to Forth St on Saturday mornings.”

Committee member Ken Bowie said the shed also welcomed people looking for friendship.

“It is a great place to learn something from the others, but it is also a place to come for a chat and cup of tea.”

Women were not excluded, Mr Sycamore said.

Although it was an organisation which was predominantly aimed at men’s welfare, membership was also open for women, he said.

For more information about the shed and how to donate tools, phone Graham Sycamore on 274 395 045.short url linkNIKE AIR HUARACHE