Pool revamp ‘remarkable’

Makarewa School principal Kevin Silcock, with pupils (from left) Hannah Norman (10), Alyssa McGearty (11), Lucas Hamilton (9), Jasmine Caudwell (10) and Liam Christie (9) outside the newly clad school swimming pool.

AFTER years of fundraising, the swimming pool at Makarewa School, just outside of Invercargill, has been completely reclad.

School principal Kevin Silcock said the difference was “remarkable”.

“It is now a more inviting environment… lighter and brighter.”

The huge project needed to be undertaken because the original cladding had succumbed to age, corrosion of the steel, and had also been weakened due to wind damage, he said.

As well as renewing all the outer walls and extensive roof in what Mr Silcock described as “strengthened clearlite”, windows were also added.

Mr Silcock said the project had been “six years in the making” to raise the $106,000 needed for the project, which was completed last month.

The school’s PTA had raised $50,000 through various fundraising events including selling raffles, food sales, compiling a recipe book and hosting three ASB Colour Runs, the first of which was held five years ago.

“It’s been a huge commitment from the community… the school community and the wider community,” he said.

He also acknowledged the school was “lucky to get grants from Southern Trust and the Lotto Community Facility Grant”.

There had been “so many people that have given generously to support [the project] and raising the money… too many to mention”.

As well as being used by the school pupils, the wider community could also use the pool, Mr Silcock said.

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