Protesters take stand against rural regulations

A Marshall, Sons & Co steam engine drives down Dee St, Invercargill, as a part of Groundswell NZ’s ‘Mother of All Protests’ on Sunday.
A convoy of tractors travel south on Dee St during the Mother of All protests.

NOT even red traffic lights on the main streets of Invercargill, could stop farmers and members of the public from making a stand as a part of Groundswell NZ’s

Hundreds of protesters showed their support by driving from Dee St to Gala St last Sunday.

There were plenty of toots from drivers and cheering from bystanders as farm utes, tractors and a traction steam engine made their way through the streets.

Organiser Bruce Robertson said he felt proud to see the turn-out of supporters, both urban and rural.

“It’s in moments like these, that I feel proud to be a New Zealander.”

From the amount of farmers who supported the protest it was clear the Government’s regulations were unworkable, he said.

“This is us uniting against policies such as the Three Waters reforms, the ute tax, the water tax and just a combination of things.

“This is us standing up for our rights and making it count.”

Sheep, beef and deer farmer Nicky King was there to watch the parade on Sunday.

“It’s an amazing turnout and it makes me proud to be a farmer.

“I’ve seen children in utes and trucks holding up signs and it reminds me that this protest isn’t just for our generation but the new generation of farmers too.”

Southlander Ross Rowley also attended with his family.

“As a truck driver, I support everything they stand for because I deal with farmers. It’s good to see the support and we can only hope the Government will take notice.”