Roadside stall helps those in need

The Winton Community Garden stall will be seen on the roadside again this summer. Vegetables are for sale for a donation. Photo: Supplied

THE Winton Community Garden gazebo will be the perennial roadside presence on Winton’s main street outside the Winton Primary School this summer.

The community garden venture has been growing produce from two sites for the past seasons, including a set of raised beds at Mitre 10 and a 2000mRavensdown’s Gap Rd site, Winton Community Gardens chairman Mark Taylor says.

The generosity of Ravensdown, which granted access to the large portion of unused land, has made the community garden possible.

“As veges become available, if our community worker Louise Faithful has no requirements for people in distress, they will just go straight to the vege stall,” he says.

The vegetables are sold from the stall on a donation basis.

He believes there isn’t a great demand for the produce through the food bank. However, there are the occasional people who require some assistance from time to time.

However, Ms Faithful was careful about confidentiality in who accessed the help.

She draws on the assistance of both the garden but also the collective church groups in the community, known as “Mixed Link”, which runs the food bank.

Traditionally, Winton is a relatively wealthy community where many older farming couples retire to.

“It is a rich community. But occasionally, we will get farm workers who need help,” she says.

Mr Taylor says the community has become very quiet for this time of year as many of Winton’s normal seasonal events have been cancelled due to the planning difficulties that were being encountered to meet Covid-19 regulations.

“It’s difficult times, because we never know when things are going to go forward. We plan for something and it ends up being cancelled because of the insurmountable planning that needs to be conducted for any event.”

Normally Winton hosts an open day.

“That was cancelled because of the Covid restrictions.”

He was delighted to discover the Wednesday night market at Browns was still going ahead last night as planned.