Sergeant making dough for charity

Police Sergeant Carmen Stewart has been baking scones to raise funds within the Invercargill Police Station for Hospice Southland, which Hospice event co-ordinator Suzanne Prentice says has been a great welcome for the charity after a lack of fundraising events during the past two years due to Covid.

WHILE on secondment in Invercargill, Police Sergeant Carmen Stewart has been arriving at work extra early to bake scones in the staff kitchen, as an office fundraiser for Hospice Southland.

‘‘We, at the police station in the prosecution office, decided we’d make scones and choose a charity, it was a natural thing to choose the hospice in Southland,’’ she said.

‘‘I start work super early so it’s not affecting any of my work time, bring my own ingredients and make them in the staff kitchen.’’

She said the support from the Invercargill Police staff had been fantastic and they were more than happy to support the cause.

‘‘It’s the generosity of the team, they’re having the scones but they’re also happy to give over money.’’

She said she hoped the police station’s fundraising would also encourage other Southland workplaces to donate to charities.

‘‘Every little bit counts, and every one of us are moved by cancer in many ways.’’

Hospice Southland events co-ordinator Suzanne Prentice OBE said the charity was hugely appreciative of the support from police.

‘‘It’s been a terrible two years for everybody, businesses, families, and of course charities as well, we haven’t been able to do any events, so to have something like this that the police have done is just great.’’

Sgt Stewart said that from three lots of scones, the staff in the prosecution office had been able to raise more than $160.

‘‘It’s a nice way of getting a bit of money for a charity,’’ she said.