Skatepark under cover?

Murihiku Riders group members James Todd, Lucas Kennett and Tim Kennett are hoping to get an indoor skateboard venue in the city. Photo: Supplied

WITH the Olympic Games coming to an end, a group of Southland skateboarders is thinking of ways to popularise the sport and increase the chances of having a medal come from the region.

Last weekend, the group Murihiku [Southland] Riders held a meeting at South Alive for enthusiasts aiming to support young skateboarders in the region, and to start the conversation about creating a new indoor skatepark in Invercargill.

Murihiku Riders instigator Tim Kennett said the city already had a great outdoor skatepark, but due to the rough weather in the region, the facility was not being used as much as they would like.

He and his group wanted an indoor facility which could be used for skating, roller skating, BMX and scooters.

“The one we have is a great skatepark but it is a shame it is not indoors.

“Of course, now that we have skate as an Olympic sport, we need to think about that. We will never get a medal from Invercargill if riders do not have the right facility to practise.

“Over the years, we had some real good talent down here – but the majority of days it is too wet. It needs to be indoors.”

He also said an indoor skatepark would help with mental health for many people throughout the region as it could be an amazing facility for rainy days when people felt more down.

“That is what we are focused on. It’s one of our main goals.”

Mr Kennett said the project was still in a very early stage so nothing had been decided yet, but the group would hold monthly meetings to decide its next steps and funding options.

  • For more information, email or find Invercargill Skateboarding Club on Facebook.