Spotting the elusive kakariki


ONCE widespread but now hard to find, the small green parrots known as kakariki can be seen in Southland.

Both the yellow-crowned parakeet and red-crowned parakeet, similar to the one pictured, can be seen in the region’s forests.

Meaning in Maori, kakariki of both kinds can be found particularly on Ulva Island, near Stewart Island/Rakiura, and Bluff Hill.

However, they might also be spotted in The Catlins beech forests and around Tautuku, a Department of Conservation (Doc) spokeswoman said.

“Also, in Fiordland, yellow-crowned parakeet are present throughout the forests.”

She said parakeets were susceptible to nest predation by rats and stoats, so in areas with predators, Doc expected numbers to be declining.

Distribution data could be found at Sneakersnike fashion