Students provided free pet clinic

Southern Institute of Technology National Diploma of Veterinary Nursing student Courteney Sinclair (left) and Rebecca Morris-Wilton, both of Invercargill, with Miss Morris-Wilton's cat Mel at the annual SIT pet clinic held last Wednesday and Thursday. Photo: Hayden Williams

The annual Southern Institute of Technology (SIT) pet clinic held last Wednesday and Thursday.

SIT National Diploma of Veterinary Nursing student Rebecca Morris-Wilton said the free clinic had been really helpful as her cat Mel had recently been attacked by a possum and had sustained an injury to her leg, but had now been given a thorough check.

Lead tutor of veterinary nursing studies Eric Oostendorp said about 150 animals were usually brought into the clinic and it was a good chance for students to put into practice what they had been learning over two years of study.

“They should be relatively prepared for anything which comes their way.”

A trained vet was on hand to give advice on any difficult cases which might have been beyond the students’ abilities, he said.

Veterinary nursing student Georgia Rhind said it was good to put theory into practice.

“It’s good to get my knowledge out there, talking with pet owners about what we’ve learned.”

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