TaxiBus ideas sought

The newest member of the group is Anna, who is charged with answering questions on the TaxiBus idea. Photo: Laura Smith

A COMMUNITY-led initiative for a transportation service in and around Riverton and Invercargill is being planned.

The Riverton group behind the idea, Riverton-Aparima Renewable Energy-Hub Group, believe the area is in need of additional transport options – and their idea is to offer a zero-emission TaxiBus.

While the idea is still in the planning stage, the group of 22 environment-minded individuals are wanting to take the plan further.

To do this, they need to gain insight into whether there is community support for such an enterprise before applying for funding.

They would then purchase a fully electric van that would be used as both a scheduled bus service as well as a ride-share, and it could also potentially be hired out.

Chairman of the group, Tony, said it was hoped the service would be run by volunteers – although they would not necessarily be unpaid.

Another planned feature of the idea would be that the bus would take travellers to places they may not presently be able to get to easily from Riverton without personal transport, such as the airport and hospital.

Newest member of the group, Anna, said the idea was driven by the goal of reducing emissions made by cars on the road – “even if we take eight commuters, that’s potentially eight cars off the road… It’s affordable, it’s clean, it’s green and it’s also convenient.”

She said the group was looking at getting a Facebook page up and running but welcomed any questions or comment on the idea.

Anna can be contacted on 0276 933 777.Sneakers StoreAir Jordan Release Dates Calendar