Teaming up to encourage healthy living

Active Southland team member Stacy Poutasi, and YMCA South’s Jamie Bryant are offering a four-week programme aimed at helping people live healthier, more balanced lives. Photo: Supplied

WANT to know more about how you can live a healthier, more balanced lifestyle?

A new collaboration between the YMCA and Active Southland’s Active Lifestyles team has created a four-week programme aimed at helping people do exactly that.

Called Your Wellness Your Way, the collaboration pairs physical activity from the YMCA with the Active Lifestyles Green Prescription team to offer people an opportunity to explore and find ways to live healthier lifestyles, that resonate with them.

Active Lifestyles team member Stacy Poutasi, who along with the YMCA’s Jamie Bryant is running the programme, said feedback from the community had shown people wanted more support when it came to healthier eating and physical activity.

“This is not a diet programme. It is a four-week programme to help people start to understand their bodies and what benefits them.

“It’s about finding a flexible, forgiving, balanced way of living. Honouring your body with gentle nutrition and movement and having flexible guidelines that help you choose what works best for you. It’s about value-based goal setting, moving your body more, and learn
ing about what helps you improve your health,” Poutasi said.

Sessions would cover a range of topics based around holistic wellness, including nutrition, factors affecting health, and ways people can adapt and use what they have learned to make changes in their own lifestyles.

There would also be an opportunity to take part in a 30-minute physical activity session at the YMCA gym, led by Bryan, each session.

People who take part will also have the opportunity to sign up for a Green Prescription for continued support after the programme.

YMCA South general manager Jason Holland said offering the programme, in collaboration with Active Southland, was the perfect opportunity for people to learn more about what the YMCA had to offer, while also learning about nutrition.

“It just goes hand in hand. We are thrilled to be able to offer this programme to people in our community and help them live their best lives.”

Anyone interested in signing up for the programme can do so by heading to the Green Prescription section of the Active Southland webpage,

The programme runs for four weeks from Wednesday, March 9.