Top steps to success

Pip Paulin, George Shirley, Maia Murdoch, Zoe Anderson, Talia Horo, Lydia O'Brien and Evelyn Nelson leapt for joy when they heard the results of their latest dance exam results.

SOUTHLAND dance students have cleaned up international honours at the Asia Pacific Dance Association annual exams.

Jazz Time dance studio owner Lou Horo said she was incredibly proud of the achievements of the students as they were up against fierce competition and came out shining.

“Hong Kong and China usually clean up this age group. It’s nice to see most genres achieving these top marks,’’ she said.

Students competed against dancers representing New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong, Thailand, China, United Kingdom and South Africa.

They contributed to their final mark throughout the year, which had proven to be particularly difficult because of the pandemic.

Mrs Horo, who has been teaching dance for many years, found the outstanding results incredibly humbling.

Excellence was a goal she encouraged, but the achievements were the results of the students’ own focus on their goals.

Top Tiers — 2nd, 3rd and 4th in the world.
Pip Paulin: Le Beaute Ballet Intermediate One Pointe with 99.5%
Talia Horo: Solo Seal Encore Musical Theatre, Junior Tap 3 Evolution
Zoe Anderson: Level 8 Encore Musical Theatre
George Shirley: Junior Tap 3 Evolution, Musical Theatre Level 8 Encore
Maia Murdoch: Level 8 Urban Ignition
Scarlet Robson: Junior Jazz 1, Jazz Addict
Lydia O’Brien: Primary Jazz 2, Jazz Addict
Evelyn Nelson: Primary Jazz 2, Jazz Addict
Alice Gear: Solo Seal Jazz Addict
Amedee Wilson: Level 10 Urban Ignition
Grace Jack: Solo Seal Encore Musical Theatre