Train tower record attempt tumbles

Lego Users Group South secretary Gavin Evans assembles his creation for a world record attempt on Friday before the Southland Brick Show at ILT Stadium Southland last weekend.

AN Invercargill man’s attempt to break a world record for the world’s tallest train tower made of toy blocks literally fell to pieces.

Lego Users Group South secretary Gavin Evans spent several hours attempting to piece together a 3.25m tall Lego train tower with about 35,000 blocks on Friday.

Mr Evans’ wife Donella said the tower collapsed while nearing completion.

“An attempt was made, but was unfortunately unsuccessful this time.”

His creation was to be displayed during the Southland Brick Show held at the ILT Stadium Southland last weekend.

“We originally had the plan to create two smaller towers and a bridge between them.

“But during the lockdown I found out there was a world record for the tallest tower and I thought, can do better than this’.”

The previous record was 2.8m tall with 22 revolutions or spirals.

“Mine will be 3.25m tall with 25 spirals. It will be the biggest thing I’ve ever built,” he said before the collapse.

Videos, photos and details of the completed creation were to have been sent to Guinness World Records.

Mrs Evans also showcased her own creation for the first time at the show.

She won the Best Effort in Show prize for her mosaic made from about 61,500 pieces, featuring American actor Robin Williams with a positive mental health message.

“I chose someone who is always in people’s minds when we talk about mental health.

“It is only my third ever Lego creation.”

Married for 30 years, Mrs Evans had volunteered at previous shows but last year felt a desire to create her own piece.

When asked why it took her so long to make the step, Mr Evans joked, “It was when the kids left the home.”