Tulip fans flock to open day with a difference

Anna Murdoch takes a picture of Emily Irvine (11, left) and Mia Murdoch (6) at the tulip farm's backdrop.
Jill Hill (left) and Karen Brier select tulip bulbs to plant in their gardens for next spring.

COLOUR and brightness are among the reasons tulips are Mia Murdoch’s favourite flower.

For the past few years, on Labour Day, the Invercargill girl had visited Triflor New Zealand Ltd’s annual tulip open day, in Edendale, with her mother Anna Murdoch.

However, due to Covid-19, this year’s event was held at the Edendale Presbyterian Church, where tulips were on display on Monday.

Instead of taking a minibus tour of Triflor’s tulip fields, people could pay for a helicopter ride and view the tulips from the air. A backdrop was also installed so visitors could take a snap “at the farm”.

“It is a good thing they created an alternative event as we can’t go to the actual farm.

“Hopefully next year we can go again,” Mrs Murdoch said.

People could order bulbs, which would be delivered next March.

Committee member Jean Kirby said usually about 20,000 bulbs were sold on the day of the tulip farm opening.

It was a fundraiser for the Edendale Presbyterian Church, Edendale Scouts and Wyndham Pioneer Lions Club.

It was expected fewer bulbs would be sold this year because the event had to be relocated, but it was still receiving support.

“The people are coming along and [that] is the only thing we can ask for.”affiliate link trace困ったらここ!実家暮らしカップルの定番デートスポット5選