Various treasures in Wrights Bush

Sally Bryce, of the Vintage Market at the Wrights Bush Hall, polishes a brass collectable.

NEVER judge a hall by its exterior.

Built in 1963, the Wrights Bush Hall houses an Aladdin’s Cave of treasures.

Polishing brass and silverware, Alan and Sally Bryce may not have enticed a genie to appear yet, but the couple and friend Gaye Larsen have created a different kind of magic.

Together the trio have not only set up the Vintage Market which features a diverse range of antiques, retro, vintage, collectables, curios and second-hand bits and pieces, they have also created a place for people to gather, natter, and even play board games or help put together a jigsaw.

“People come in and like to talk,” Mrs Bryce said.

“It’s like a social drop-in centre,” Mr Bryce said.

From fur coats to childrenswear, furniture to crockery, 1960’s-style leather handbags to accessories, the ecliptic concept came about after the three decided to combine their decades of collectables and other items of interest.

“We haven’t got the same overheads as we did in town, so that helps with the pricing… and it is a relaxed, country atmosphere,” Mr Bryce said.

Two tables have also been set up near the hall’s entrance for donated items to be sold on behalf of Furever Homes.

In the former supper room there is Gaye’s Gallery which features artwork by Mike Greenwood, and an interesting miniature reconstruction of TV’s Coronation Street in all its glory.

Situated about half-way between Riverton and Invercargill, the trio have already been busy with a steady flow of people checking out the goods and purchases being made, Mrs Larsen said.

As there had been issues with the eftpos, it was recommended to bring cash, she said.

Open from Tuesday to Sunday, 10.30am-4.30pm, other stallholders were welcome to join in.

For more information, phone Mrs Larsen on 03 235 2767.short url linkNike