War painting disrespected

Nightcaps resident Wendy Baker's Anzac painting (shown on her phone) has been torn from her property's gate twice this month. She is wearing her grandfather's war medal.

A PAINTING crafted to honour “war heroes” has been ripped from its owner’s gate twice in the past month an act she has likened to vandalising a veteran’s grave.

Nightcaps resident Wendy Baker made her painting, about 0.5m by 1m, in remembrance of those who served in past wars, including family members.

She said she was regularly involved in the Riverton Returned and Services Association.

“That’s why it was quite upsetting that it was ripped off my gate and thrown into my property- twice.”

The painting had been on her gate since Anzac Day.

Both sets of her grandparents had served in World Wars 1 and 2, and her father had served in World War 2.

Her great uncle was slain at Passchendaele at the age of 20.

She saw the treatment of the painting as disrespectful.

“There needs to be more respect for creativity that honours our war heroes.

“It’s not just for my ancestors, it’s a tribute to all.

“We have to value our history because they fought for a better country.”

Ms Baker did not know who did it or why, but she said people needed to accept all members of the community and their values.

It was a matter of simply being more respectful, she said.