Whanau jumps in


THE Pikia whanau of Invercargill is taking control of its health and wellness by taking part in Jumpstart, a diabetes health management programme which was launched a year ago at the Tay St YMCA.

When about 30 of the Pikia whanau moved back to Invercargill 18 months ago, they collectively decided to create their own family weight loss challenges, and since then they’ve made significant progress.

Moana Pikia said the whanau had struggled with weight for years and knew it was time to do something about it.

“We just had a big desire to get more active and encourage our kids to be healthier as well,” she said.

Two other whanau members took the reigns and went looking for an activity which everyone could do together. They found Jumpstart in February last year, when “one of our sisters was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and we jumped on board to support her”.

Jumpstart is a successful national initiative providing exercise, nutrition and lifestyle education for people with diabetes, or those who are pre-diabetic. It was founded in 2015 by YMCA Auckland and healthcare company Pharmaco (NZ) Ltd and has so far helped almost 1000 people.

The programme runs once a week for 10 weeks, with participants given full access to the gym at any other time. There are four Jumpstart programmes a year in Invercargill, and at 15 other YMCAs throughout the country.

Six members of the Pikia whanau joined the first programme and the momentum is gathering, because with more than 60 members, when one gets involved, others from different generations want to take part, too.

Whanau who have taken part have experienced many benefits including weight loss, better fitness, confidence and more enthusiasm to stay active and healthy.

“The support from YMCA staff like Mila, Suvi and Brodie has been excellent. We never felt on our own. All the staff go out of their way to say hello and help where needed,” Moana said.

“The programme was not just about losing weight and getting fit, but education around nutrition and exercise – it was invaluable and can be easily transferred into our whanau.”

Recreation and well-being manager at Southland YMCA Dave Cheyne said “the Pikia whanau has been fantastic in the Jumpstart programme; they bring a sense of camaraderie and community with them”.

The most important lesson from Jumpstart for the Pikia whanau was goal setting, to help members understand where they were at, where they wanted to be and what needed to be done to achieve their goal.

“It was really informative and different from other things we had done. It showed us what we needed to be doing and how to change our lifestyles and eating habits,” Moana said.

The Pikia whanau continues to encourage other family members to join the gym and reach their goals. Jumpstart has the philosophy of not only helping physical health, but also how people think about their health.

“If your mind isn’t in the right place, your body won’t be able to be on board,” Moana said.

The Pikia whanau now uses what they learned through Jumpstart in their everyday lives. They continue to use the YMCA basketball stadium on Sundays for group sessions and are already planning another athletic activity for the whole whanau.

Common results from the Jumpstart programme include weight loss, lower waist measurements and blood pressure, improved mental health and confidence about a healthy future. The weekly sessions help get people moving, no matter their size. For people who are pre-diabetic, exercise and lifestyle programmes, like Jumpstart, can help delay the onset of Type 2 diabetes.

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