A celebration of culture

Tawina Chiwaya (Malawi) and Lessleen Makoni, (Zimbabwe) take part in the African Day fashion show.
Robert Koffie Fugah (Ghana) shows his drumming skills at the African Day celebrations. Photos: Maree Frewen-Wilks

ABOUT 200 people joined in the fun at the African Day celebrations at The Southern Institute of Technology’s Hansen Hall in Invercargill on Saturday night.

Southland Multicultural Trust co-ordinator Meggie Barlett-McBride said the event was all about celebrating the diverse cultures of Africa.

“There was music and dance and drums as well as parading the fashion and the colours as well as presentations giving information about four or five African countries,” she said.

This weekend, in conjunction with the Philippine National Day, Kultura at Kalayaan ng mga Filipino would be held at Hansen Hall on Saturday from 3.30pm.

There would be an array of food, dance and culture, with everybody welcome to attend, she said.

The events were a way of celebrating the diversity of cultures in Invercargill and learning about the different way people from around the world lived.