Enviro approved


(From left) Enviroschools regional co-ordinator Megan Bates, former Rimu School pupil Eamon Joyce (13), Enviroschools education facilitator Josh Sullivan, pupils Tupufia Lafoga (front left, 10), Maddy Bradley and Chloe Jones (both 11), with their Enviroschools Silver Award certification on Wednesday.

From worm farms to tunnel houses, chicken coops and native trees dedication of the youngsters was recognised following months of working towards making the school an even more sustainable place to work and play.

Principal Kate Webster said children were encouraged to self assess their learnings so they could have a voice in their own sustainability.

“They can create it, sustain it and manipulate their practices. It’s a philosophy that links really nicely with country values.”

Not only was it about learning about the environment at school but also about taking their knowledge home to share with their wider community, she said.

Photo: Abbey Palmer