Hop’n’Vine Festival well crafted

About 700 people attend the first Hop'n'Vine Festival in Invercargill on Saturday, April 1. Photos: Sanda Jukic

PLANNING is already under way for next year’s Hop’n’Vine Festival after the success of last weekend’s event.

Kelley Robertson, Brad Ward and Bronwyn Wallace man the Invercargill Brewery stall.

Co-organiser Chris Montgomery said about 700 people attended the festival, which featured craft beer from breweries throughout New Zealand, at ILT Stadium Southland in Invercargill on Saturday.

Mr Montgomery said feedback had been positive.

“As we could hear and see on social media they enjoyed it a lot, and that’s what we wanted when we started this project. Also, this was a great chance to promote the industry,” Mr Montgomery said.

He and co-organiser Kevin Downie made sure that there was something for everyone – from refreshing pilsners and wheat beer to rich, dark stouts and great wine. Beers from Emerson Brewery, of Dunedin, Tuatara Paraparaumu, 8-Wired, Warkworth, and Invercargill Brewery featured.

Invercargill friends (from left) Ian Cryer, Ashleigh Williams and Charlotte White agree the city needs more events like this one.

It was initially planned to hold the festival at the Scottish Hall and then at The Southland Times building, but “the number of people interested in coming to the event exceeded our expectations so we had to find a suitable venue to fit them all in”, Mr Montgomery said.




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