If I could talk to the animals…


IT was a scene of spring in Invercargill last week as a group of toddlers headed out for some animal fun at a local mini zoo.

Bottle-fed lambs, calves and goats were among the animals children had the opportunity to feed and pat at Rabbitte Ranch, on the outskirts of the city.

Three-year-old Aiden Mitchell (pictured top) did a fine job of holding the milk bottle up high so his little lamb was happy.

It was his first time being that close to one, and his mother Amanda said his two sisters were a little jealous that they had to be at school.

It was good for town-dwelling children to experience being near animals, she said.

Noa Cheng (3, pictured above) said she and the resident donkey spent a good amount of time becoming friends.

Photos: Laura Smith