Pacific Island Sports Tournament

The Samoan Methodist Church team at the ILT Stadium Southland. Photos: Sanda Jukic

The inaugural Pacific Island Sports Tournament was held at ILT Stadium Southland last week.

More than 200 people in primary, high school and adult/family teams took part in the netball and volleyball tournament organised by Pacific Island Advisory and Cultural Trust and Sport Southland.

Tournament co-ordinators Tulua Sekone-Fraser and Aiga Toomalatai said the event was an opportunity to bring the Pacific Island community together in a fun and active way.

Crazy Crew Volleyball team.
Sahdina Anderson, Tyra Dunn, Anjelina Nikora, Benz-Lee Nikora, Keani Anderson.
Cmono ninjas team.
Samoan Congregational Church team.

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