Southland Latinos party at cultural showcase

An estimated 500 people attended the 2019 Latin Fest last weekend PHOTOS: LAURA SMITH

HUNDREDS of people came together to celebrate Southland’s Latin American community for Latin Fest last Saturday.


The event was a first and was organised by The Southland Multicultural Council.


It was a night filled with passion and excitement for one’s culture – with dancing, singing and food from various South American countries such as Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Colombia and Mexico showcased to the crowd.

Several traditional dances were performed, which demonstrated some of the culture of these Southlanders.

Local MPs and members of council attended, as well as members of the public and those from the represented South American countries – many of whom got involved with the festivities during the macarena.

Co-ordinator Meggy Bartlett-McBride said the event went well and showed the support
from the Southland community.

There was plenty of dancing involved and while the festival started at 7pm, the celebration
of culture continued through until midnight, “That’s Latinos for you, you see.”

The event was a good way of integrating different communities and cultures, “Having a
party is one way of interacting, there is always a common denominator.”

More than 500 people were estimated to have attended, she said, and all the people who showcased their talent and culture did “amazingly”.

During the past 10 years, she had seen a massive increase in different ethnic groups in

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