Starting the school year with a new look


SACRED Heart School pupils and teachers celebrate the start of the school year in the school’s brand new building at Waikiwi in Invercargill on Tuesday.

Principal Vanessa Williams said the school was the first Catholic school in Invercargill to have an upgrade.

The roll was 92 pupils with more enrolled to start in March, she said.

Mrs Williams became the principal in term 4 last year and said the school’s vision had changed since then.

“What we are wanting to portray with our values is bringing in our community in everything we do,” she said.

As the school gathered for a prayer to mark the start of the year, Mrs Williams was quick to alleviate the stress of her pupils, especially those who had just started or who were new to the school.

“Don’t worry, I’m really nervous too,” she said.

Photo: Karen Pasco