Train show a favourite

Rhys Horan proudly displays his model train layout at the show. Photo: Luisa Girao

IT was hard to tell if it was the older generation or the children having the most fun at the Southland Society of Model Engineers’ annual train event.

The Great Little Train Show attracted train enthusiasts, families and children to Surrey Park in Invercargill last weekend.

Event committee member Wendy Metcalfe said the show featured a display of more than 30 model train layouts as well as demonstrations of remote-controlled cars, boats and yachts, and rides on miniature trains.

“The show is our big fundraiser but also allows us to connect with our community who enjoy the same hobbies.”

The most popular attraction was the miniature train ride with about 2000 rides provided during the two-day event, she said.

Southland Society of Model Engineers president Greg Fordyce said the event was an opportunity for young people to see “old school” toys could still be fun.

He said the oldest displays dated from the 1940s.

Rhys Horan (8) said he loved trains and models so much he decided to create one.

“He loves trains and I like to build stuff,” dad Simon Horan said.

“He decided to design a model and it was really fun to build it.”

Images from the Great Little Train Show. Photos: Luisa Girao

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